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Speed Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Rolling
Jul 27, 2017

Aluminum foil rolling process

the thickness of the foil with the rolling degree of the phenomenon of thinning is called the speed effect. 

The mechanism of the velocity effect mechanism 

needs to be studied in depth, the reason for the speed effect is generally considered to have the following three aspects:

1), the friction state between the work roll and the rolled material changes, 

and as the rolling speed increases, the amount of the lubricating oil is increased, so that the lubricating state between the roll and the rolled material changes. The friction coefficient decreases, the oil film becomes thick, and the thickness of the aluminum foil decreases.

2), the rolling mill itself changes. In the case of a rolling mill with a cylindrical bearing

the roll neck will float in the bearing as the rolling speed increases, so that the two interacting rollers will move in a mutually tight direction.

3), the material is softened when the material is rolled and deformed

The rolling speed of the high-speed aluminum foil rolling mill is very high. As the rolling speed increases, the temperature of the rolling deformation zone is high, and the metal temperature of the deformation zone can be increased to 200 ℃, which is equivalent to an intermediate recovery annealing. Machining softening of rolled materials.

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