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Antiseptic Properties Of Aluminum Foil
Jul 27, 2017

The main cause of corrosion, mainly in the production process and circulation process

the product damp or water. Therefore, the control of the production of corrosion waste, mainly to prevent aluminum foil contact with water. Anti-corrosion measures: ① to strengthen the management of air dryer to ensure that no air in the compressed air. ② strengthen the management of rolling oil, the water content control in the 400 × 0.000001 the following. ③ aluminum foil roll packaging should be sealed packaging, while each volume should be placed in the amount of desiccant. ④ the wooden shaft of the box, the humidity of the box is not more than 18%, the temperature of the packaging roll is not greater than 45 degrees Celsius. ⑤ from the low temperature area into the high temperature, humidity areas do not immediately open the sealed packaging. ⑥ workshop, the warehouse roof leakage, snow, should not be placed aluminum foil roll. ⑦ from the low temperature area to the high temperature area of aluminum foil, to strengthen the packaging of the seal, if necessary, but also add desiccant. ⑧ in the rainy season packaging aluminum foil products, to strengthen the sealed packaging, and add desiccant.

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